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Crest Sensitivity Toothpaste Whitening Plus Scope 4.1oz
Product ID: A484651
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Product Summary
  • Builds increasing protection against painful sensitivity
  • Toothpaste

    When used regularly, builds increasing protection against painful sensitivity of the teeth to cold, heat, acids, sweets or contact. Aids in the prevention of cavities. With regular brushing: whitens teeth by gently removing surface stains. Fights cavities, removes plaque, contains Scope to give you minty fresh breath. Builds increasing protection against painful sensitivity. Soothes the nerves in your teeth where dentin is exposed. For healthy teeth, brush twice a day, floss daily and visit your dentist regularly.

    Active Ingredients
    Potassium Nitrate 5%; Sodium Fluoride 0.243%

    Inactive Ingredients
    Water; Hydrated Silica; Glycerin; Sorbitol; Trisodium Phosphate; Sodium Lauryl Sulfate; Flavor; Cellulose Gum; Alcohol (1.09%); Xanthan Gum; Sodium Saccharin; Sucralose; Polysorbate 80; Sodium Benzoate; Cetylpyridium Chloride; Benzoic Acid; Polyethylene; Iron Oxides; Titanium Dioxide; Blue 1 Aluminum Lake; Yellow 10 Aluminum Lake; Blue 1; Yellow 5

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