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Product Summary
  • All supplies (except local anesthetic) needed for the procedure
  • Convenient to store and travel with
  • Cost efficient especially for new practices
  • No need to order a long list of supplies
  • Additional shipping charge is required for orders shipped to U.S. territories.
  • Orders of 20 or greater reduce price to $16.50*

Easy & Functional

The disposable trocar kit is the most efficient and cost effective means to place pellet implants. The kit not only saves valuable nursing time in cleaning instruments, it more than pays for itself in personnel. A second person, often a nurse, is no longer needed in the room while the physician, PA or nurse practitioner is implanting the pellet. Everything needed is in the sterile kit (except local anesthesia). An extra person is no longer needed to open sterile gloves, syringes, needles, prep solution, instruments, drapes, knife blades, steri-strips and gauze dressings. It all comes conveniently packaged in the sterile trocar kit. The nurse’s valuable time is much better spent answering patient phone calls and doing nurse consults.


This complete set comes sterile, in a peel pack, and ready to use.

Designed for a 3.14mm pellet

- Works with 100mg and less pellets

- 3-piece single use disposable trocar set (point tip, blunt tip, and plunger)

- Pick-ups

- Alcohol wipe and betadine swabs

- 10cc syringe with 21 gauge, 1 1/2" needle (for local anesthetic)

- Fenestrated drape

- Scalpel (#11 blade)

- Gauze

- 1/4" x 1 1/2" Steri strips

- Sterile gloves (non-latex)

*Quantity Discount

Any order of 20 or more Complete Pellet Insertion Kits will receive a reduced price of $16.50. To place a bulk order, please call HealthWarehouse at 1-866-885-0508.

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