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Complete Active Pack 1 Kit- MANUFACTURER BACK ORDER 8-10
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Product Summary

Complete Active Pack

For Soft Contact Lenses

Kit Contains:

Complete Multi-Purpose Solution EASY RUB Formula 2 Ounces
Complete Blink-N-Clean Lens Drops 1/6 Ounces
Complete Contact Lens Case

Rub, Rinse & Soak
for effective disinfection

When you remove your lenses
1. Wash your hands with soap and water prior to handling your lenses.
2. Place 3 drops or more of COMPLETE MPS on one side of the lens surface.
3. RUB your lens gently from the center to the edges for at least 10 seconds.
4. After rubbing for at least 10 seconds, turn the lens over and repeat step 3.
5. RINSE each side of the lens for 5 seconds with fresh COMPLETE MPS. Place lenses in clean COMPLETE lens case and fill with COMPLETE MPS. Close COMPLETE lens case tightly.
6. SOAK- Allow lenses to soak for a minimum of six (6) hour for disinfection, cleaning and protein removal.
7. Prior to insertion, RINSE each side of the lens for 5 seconds with fresh COMPLETE MPS

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