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CERTAIN Dri A.M. Underarm Refresher 2.5oz****OTC DISCONTINUED 2/28/14
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Product Summary
For added odor protection use new Certain Dri A.M. Underarm Refresher Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant is available with 12 percent aluminum chloride, the active ingredient used in prescription anti-perspirants. Because Certain Dri is water-based (vs. alcohol-based like its prescription competitors), it is available without a doctors prescription.

New Certain Dri A.M. Underarm Refresher was created for Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant users as a daily supplemental product for added protection against odor.
Used with original unscented Certain Dri, which is an antiperspirant (stops wetness), the two products make up the Certain Dri Protection System.
Certain Dri A.M. Underarm Refresher is specially-formulated to provide every day, all day freshness for those who suffer from excessive underarm perspiration.
A Morning Fresh delivers additional all day deodorant (odor) protection when applied to the underarms each morning after showering/bathing.
Continue to use Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant at night before going to bed to control excessive perspiration, and use Certain Dri A.M. Underarm Refresher every day after showering/bathing.

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