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Cara Compact Douche Syringe - 16oz Capacity
Product ID: A897694
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Product Summary

Compact Douche Syringe

Reusable 16 Ounce Capacity

Remove syringe and vaginal pipe from box.

Fill syringe from faucet. Add douche concentrate if desired.

Place vaginal pipe in neck and turn to secure.


Gently insert vaginal pipe into vagina.
Squeeze syringe firmly, giving it a moderate amount of pressure.

May be used in tub, on toilet or in shower.


Use only in plain water, commercially sold or physician recommended douche preparations on or in this product. Use of anything else may damage product.

After use, cleanse with lukewarm water.

Dry and store in cool, dark place.

Avoid exposure to sunlight or heat.

This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reations.

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