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Bell Horn Nice & Hot Therapeutic Wrap****OTC DISCONTINUED 3/5/14
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Product Summary
Nice & Hot Therapeutic Wrap

Can be used for: Knees, Shoulders, Wrists, Back, Ankles- Just about any body part.

Cold Therapy helps:
Chronic inflammatory conditions
Muscle Aches
Strains and Sprains

Hot Therapy helps:
Increase blood circulation
Loosen up tight and sore muscles
Muscle Aches

Do not apply hot/cold pack directly to skin. Always place the compress in the specially designed wrap before applying.

Do not apply to sensitive skin or with poor circulation. Extra care should be exercised when applying the compress to infants or the elderly.

Watch while heating in microwave. If proudct expands, turn off the microwave. Always place compress in water while heating in microwave.

Preparation Remove compress bag from liner pouch prior to placing in water, microwave, etc.

Cold Compress Use
1. Place compress in freezer for at least one hour.
2. Remove compress from freezer. Wrap compress in specially designed mesh wrap, then apply to injured area.
3. Place in freezer for future use.

Hot Compress Use (Boiling)
Boiling provides best heating results
1. Bring pan of water to a boil. Remove from heat.
2. Place compress in the pan for 8-10 minutes.
3. Remove compress from pan. Place compress in specially designed mesh wrap, then apply to injured area.

Hot Compress Use (Microwave)
1. Place compress in microwave container and cover completely with water. CAUTION: Never heat without covering compress with water.
2. Place container in microwave and heat at full power for 3 minutes. (Time based on a 600 watt microwave oven.)
3. After heating, remove compress from container and place in specially designed mesh wrap, then apply to injured area.

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