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Bell Horn Industrial Back Support Large Black 1 Each****OTC DISCONTINUED 3/5/14
Product ID: A210599
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Product Summary
Back Support

Ideal for repetitive activities and encouraging a proper lifting technique. Helps to reduce work-related lower back strain. Comfortable support and compression for lower back and abdomen. Easy to adjust shoulder straps. Available in black or white. Moderate Orthopedic Support: Injury requiring a more supportive orthopedic brace.

Fitting: Unhook the shoulder straps and the abdominal belt from the front of the support. Fasten the back support firmly in place. Pull the shoulder straps over your shoulders and fasten them to the front of the support. Adjust the straps for proper fit. Secure shoulder straps in place by drawing the abdominal belt to the front and fastening over the straps. The support may require some readjustment throughout the day. This can be done by unfastening and pulling the abdominal belt tighter. Finding your size: Measure waist/hip circumference. Large: 36-42 inches. Care: Hand wash in cool water with mild soap. Wrap in towel to remove excess water. Air dry away from heat.

Disclaimer: If injury persists, please consult your physician.
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