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Bayer Didget Blood Glucose Monitoring System 1- Kit****OTC DISCONTINUED 3/5/14
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Product Summary

Bayer's Didget meter, helps motivate kids with diabetes to test. The only blood glucose monitor made just for kids. Comes with games and connects to a Nintendo DS or DS Lite system. Rewards good monitoring habits through points that can be used to unlock cool game features. Allows kids to connect to Bayer's Didget world exclusive online community. Uses only Bayer's Contour® test strips. 25 Contour test strips included - a 30 Dollar value. Personalized settings, small sample size, and fast 5 second testing. Nintendo DS and DS Lite systems are sold separately. Awards points for testing up to 4 times a day. See Bayers Didget system user guide for more information.

The Didget blood glucose monitoring system (meterstrips, and controls) is intended for self-testing by people with diabetes to monitor glucose concentrations in fresh capillary whole blood samples drawn from the fingertip only. It is intended for those ages four and older, with adult supervision as needed. The Didget blood glucose monitoring system is not intended for the diagnosis of or screening for diabetes mellitus and is not intended for use on neonates. The Didget meter was created to give you a tool to help you manage your diabetes. It rewards healthy testing habits with points that can be used with your Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite gaming system, or on the site. Use Bayer's Contour test strips with your Didgetmeter.


Potential Biohazard

The Didget meter is intended for use with only one person. All products or objects that come in contact with human blood, even after cleaning, should be handled as if capable of transmitting viral diseases.


Performing a test:

Read the Microlet 2 lancing device package insert for complete instructions on getting a blood drop or Bayers DIDGET system user guide for more information on the testing procedure, including expected test values, proper removal and disposal of used lancets, and control solution testing .

Remove end cap from lancing device.
Loosen the protective cap on the lancet
Insert the lancet into the lancing device until it comes to a complete stop.
Twist off the round protective lancet cap & replace end cap.
Remove test strips from the bottle.
Hold test strip with gray end facing up.
Insert the gray end of the strips into the strip port on the meter of your DIDGET meter.
After the meter turns on automatically, use the lancing device to obtain a drop of blood by pressing the end cap firmly against the puncture site and press the blue release button with your thumb. Stroke your hand and finger towards the puncture site to form a blood drop. Do not squeeze around the puncture site. Test immediately after the blood drop has formed.
TESTING YOUR BLOOD. Immediately touch the tip of the test strip to the drop of blood. The blood is pulled into the test strip through the tip. HOLD the tip of the test strips in the blood drop until the meter beeps. After a beep, you will see the meter count down 5 seconds. Your test result appears and automatically will be stored in the meter memory.
Remove the test strip from the meter and dispose of properly.
Bayers Didget meter is not approved for alternative site testing (AST), fingertip only. Uses only Bayer Contour Test Strips

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