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Balneol Hygienic Cleansing Lotion 3 oz
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Product Summary

Use Balneol? for the hygienic cleansing of irritated perianal and external vaginal areas. The product is intended for external use only.

Balneol? provides symptomatic relief by forming a protective coating which helps to restore skin to its normal pH.

Cleansing for Prevention and Healing
Skin must be cleansed regularly to prevent damage and inflammation. Lack of appropriate hygiene disrupts the free flow of cellular secretions into the acid mantle and allows pathogenic bacteria and fungus to grow. In the perianal and vaginal areas this results in irritation, itching and yeast infections.5

In spite of acceptable daily hygiene, contamination and injury of the sensitive skin in the perianal/vaginal area are common medical complaints. Conditions that create irritation (such as diarrhea and menstruation) as well as those that affect the perianal tissue (such as constipation and hemorrhoids) can make adequate cleansing challenging and painful. Balneol? helps patients maintain appropriate hygiene and provides symptomatic relief for perianal and external vaginal itching.

Directions for Use
To cleanse and reduce discomfort in the perianal area:

Spread a small amount of Balneol? on cotton or clean tissue and wipe the skin around the perianal area cleansing after each bowel movement.
Use for additional comfort between bowel movements and at bedtime.
To cleanse and soothe the external vaginal area

Spread a small amount of Balneol? on cotton or clean tissue and wipe the external vaginal area.
Use as often as necessary.
Balneol? is intended for external use only.
Caution: In all cases of rectal bleeding, consult physician promptly. If irritation persists or increases, discontinue use and consult physician.

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