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Accu-Chek Softclix Lancet Device****OTC DISCONTINUED 2/28/14
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Product Summary
  • Less painful testing
  • 11 depth settings to choose from
  • Silicone coated lancets for less friction
  • For fingertip or forearm testing

Package Contents

1 - Lancet Device

1 - Clear Cap


When you're testing your blood glucose regularly, you want the process to be as comfortable as possible. Conventional spring-loaded lancet systems often penetrate too deeply, with side-to-side movement that can cause painful dilation or tearing of skin tissue. The Accu-Chek Softclix Lancet Device has a precise, linear action that provides greater comfort. It will be easier for you to test as often as necessary. Match your skin type. Uses a Comfort Dial with 11 depth settings, so you can adjust the lancet depth to match your skin type. Precise lancet movement. Uses a precise linear sliding motion, to provide greater comfort. Precisely manufactured lancets. Lancets are carefully manufactured to insure that, once set, optimal penetration depth doesn't change from test to test. Adequate blood sample Obtain just enough blood for accurate testing.


1. Remove the cap from the lancet device.

2. Insert a new lancet in the lancet holder. It is properly positioned when it snaps into place. To remove the protective cap, twist and pull it away from the lancet.

3. Replace the cap onto the lancet device. Twist the cap of the lancet device to set the lancet depth. Start at 2 or 3. For tougher skin, dial to a higher number.

4. Press the plunger on the end of the device all the way down until it clicks. A yellow dot will appear and remain in the center of the clear release button. 5. Wash your hands in warm, soapy water. Dry well.

5. Hold the lancet device against the side of your fingertip.

6. Press the release button. Gently squeeze the area until you get a small sample of blood.

7. Apply the drop of blood to the target area of your test strip.

8. Immediately remove used lancet. To avoid accidental injury, do not store lancet in device.


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