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3M Nexcare Instant Cold Pack
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Product Summary

For emergency pain relief.Size 5 inch x 9 inch


Activate the cold pack by grasping the mid-section of the pack and squeezing firmly. As soon as you hear a pop, the pack will become cold, shake well for best results. Raise the injured area and apply the cold pack (non-insulated side) to help reduce swelling. Apply no longer than 20 minutes, then discard. Do not reuse. Leave the injured area uncovered for 20 minutes before applying a new cold pack. Cold therapy (e.g. Nexcare Cold Packs) are recommended for use during the first 48 hours of an injury to reduce pain and swelling.


Do not chill or freeze before use. Skin damage including frostbite may occur if pack is chilled or frozen before first use. Elderly or persons with circulatory problems should not use any cold packs except as directed by their physicians. Remove the cold pack after 20 minutes. Leave the injury uncovered for 20 minutes before applying another cold pack. Skin damage including frostbite can occur with applications longer than 20 minutes. This product is for first aid. If you have any questions about a major injury or if swelling or pain persist, consult your physician.

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